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Tell your story with integrity.

Your trusted partner in storytelling.

At AE Entertainment, we love unearthing these stories and helping you communicate them clearly and effectively. When you work with us, you’ll find a collaborative partner that lasts far beyond a single consulting session or project. We will help you find your voice, messaging, and give you the tools to communicate effectively. This authentic connection will grow your audience and boost your bottom line.

With us, you’ll find real humans and real relationships that’ll champion you for years to come.

What We Do

Story Consulting

Media Training & Consulting

Video Production

Find your voice.

Develop a clear and cohesive story.

Connect with your audience from on stage and online.

Communicate authentically & effectively.

Learn how to interact across all forms of media.

Grow your audience through clear communication.

Develop your creative ideas. 

Get full-service video production from start to finish. 

Bring a vision to life. 

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About AE Entertainment

After building a successful career as an on-air personality, storyteller, podcaster and producer, Ashley Eicher founded AE Entertainment in 2017 to create a media company that tells great stories in all their forms.

Operating with creativity, integrity and clear communication, AE Entertainment is built on the foundation of relationships, because we believe people matter. We help artists, thought leaders, business executives, brands and influencers figure out what their story is and how to tell it, teach them how to interact with the media through personalized media training and consulting, host and moderate events, conferences and panels, and create story-driven content for brands and festivals.

Tell your story with integrity.